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This page is for downloading preview copies of Quite Software products. Please fill in the details below and click on the Accept button at the bottom of the page to indicate you have read and accepted the warnings and notes. THERE WILL BE A CHARGE FOR THE FINAL RELEASE if you choose to upgrade. You may use a Quite Imposing Plus 4.0 license to run the beta, and you can keep the old version installed. On the final release of 5.0, you may pay to upgrade, or return to running 4.0. [Less info]

If you have any questions, please ask us.

What's on the preview pages right now?

  • Quite Imposing Plus 5.0 beta for Windows and Macintosh. Beta 4, expires 31 January 2020.
What's new in 5.0?
  • Support for major changes in macOS 10.15 "Catalina" (still runs on older macOS and Windows, and Acrobat 9 and later)
  • Customize control panel: add new panels, add sequences.
  • Variable data: using a CSV or TXT file, add text or pictures to many PDF pages.
  • Automation sequences can do "partials" to split jobs, or process parts separately. Results can be merged or left separate.
  • N-Up can flow backs from right to left, for easier layout, especially of ad hoc jobs
  • Creep can use scaling instead of shift, so that no content is lost
  • Page size monitor to show live size including bleed info for open document
  • Manual Imposition: performance greatly improved for some large files
  • Trim & Shift - add or crop all four edges by a fixed amount
  • Conditions in automation sequences allow more flexibility e.g. different jobs based on page count, page sizes or metadata (such as filename or keywords)
  • Import sequences or steps from other sequences or XML files. Filter sequences by name
  • Conditions can issue an error or warning message, and stop a job if there is a problem such as wrong page size or count
  • Enfocus Switch users remove the prefix from file name references and in Quite Hot Imposing pass metadata from flows
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For now, you can use a Quite Imposing Plus 4 license if you have one. On release, an upgrade must be purchased. Without a license this will run as a demo with "X" marked on each page. Please email sales@quite.com if you would like a temporary license. [Less info]

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Your details will be kept, but will be used only to contact you about Quite Software products. Your details will not be sold or given away.
If you have downloaded before, please take care to enter your e-mail address exactly the same as last time. That will avoid the possibility that we send you two copies of any follow-up mail.

1. Preview software is not complete and may have serious problems. You are advised not to use it for any important work.
2. Preview software may only work for a limited period. We do not undertake to make any replacement available. If it is made available it will probably be commercial software requiring the payment of a fee.
By downloading this preview you are not committing to any future fee.
3. Preview software is not to be re-distributed in any form.

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Download: or view beta 4 Release notes.