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Installing Quite products from a DMG file

This page describes how to install a Quite product to a Mac OS X computer using a DMG file you have downloaded. DMG files are in a special format created by Apple Computer for holding a disk image. A DMG file can be mounted just as if it is a CDROM.

1. Did the DMG file mount automatically?

For some people, the download may automatically be mounted and opened, giving you a window containing Install Quite Plug-ins". If so, just double click this file and follow the instructions, then you are finished. You might get a warning message like this one:
qiplus2_en.dmg contains an application. Are you sure you want to continue downloading?
If you get this message, simply click Continue.

2. Find the downloaded file

You will have downloaded a file whose name ends .dmg. You may see it on your desktop or in a download folder.

Safari users: If you download with Safari web browser, you may see the file in the download window (use View > Download).
Download window in Safari
Click the magnifying glass icon to reveal the downloaded file in the Finder. (Note that double clicking the file in the download window doesn't do anything). DMG file in Finder

3. Double click the downloaded file

When you double click the DMG file, Mac OS X will mount a disk image and open a window.
Mounted disk image
This shows the Install Quite Plug-ins file, which you double click to continue. Also notice that an additional disk appears at the top left of this Finder window, just below Macintosh HD in this case. You may click the icon to the right of the image name to unmount the image and close the window.

Other questions?

What should I keep for reinstalling?

We recommend you keep the installer for any software you download. Note that this also gives you an uninstall option for some Quite products. Simply keep the DMG file in a safe place (for instance, burn it onto a CDROM if your system is not backed up). Please be sure to also keep a copy of any serial number or other license information you are sent, perhaps in printed form.

Can I download on a different computer?

Yes, you can download the DMG to any other computer, including a Microsoft Windows computer, and transfer it to the Macintosh where you need to install the software.