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Acrobat products

Standalone products

Acrobat products
  • Quite Imposing Plus
  • Quite a Box of Tricks
  • Quite Revealing
Standalone products
  • Quite HOT Imposing

Acrobat products (Plug-ins)

Quite Imposing Plus

Quite Imposing Plus is a plug-in for Acrobat DC and versions back to 9.0 to perform imposition.

Its features include

  • Step & Repeat
  • Booklet making
  • Imposition by Example
  • Fast page duplication
  • Page tiling
  • Adding page numbers and variable text like date, filename
  • Bates stamping and much more.
See our features page for full details.

Quite A Box Of Tricks

Quite A Box Of Tricks is a plug-in for Acrobat XI (11.0) back to 7.0.

Features include conversion to CMYK or greyscale, shrinking images to reduce PDF file size, thickening "hairlines", transformations, integrating form fields with documents, all text to black, and detailed info on text and images. ICC profiles can be used for CMYK conversion.

Quite Revealing

Quite Revealing is a plug-in for Acrobat XI (11.0) back to 7.0.

Finds and fixes problem elements within a PDF document. After pre-flighting and the file has been rejected you need to know exactly where the problem lies within your document. Features include pinpointing transparency, overprinting, transfer functions, font issues, spot colour and RGB plus more.

Server Products

Quite Hot Imposing

Quite Hot Imposing is a server product for working with hot folders or a command-line.

Available for both Mac and Win platforms, this is a very versatile and easy-to use workflow product. Import your current setups (XML) and save them so that they are easily repeated on other imposition tasks. Now you can create customized workflows with the power of Quite Software's Imposition tools. Use Quite Imposing Plus to create setups, use Quite Hot Imposing to work with them in a server environment.