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Catalina: Quite products and macOS 10.15

Information updated 9 October 2019

What is Acrobat Catalina (mac OS 10.15)?

Catalina is Apple's name for the new version of the Macintosh macOS system, released on 7 October 2019. This is a very major upgrade and makes almost all old software obsolete. It has been well publicised that older "32 bit" apps can no longer run, but there are many other important changes that were less well publicised.

This affects both apps and plug-ins. In some cases plug-ins and apps may work after an older version of macOS is upgraded or migrated, but be impossible ever to reinstall. Apple have added special checks when software is installed, only approved ("notarized") software can be installed.

Should I upgrade to Catalina?

Before upgrading macOS, it's important to check for compatibility with all of your apps and plug-ins. It's also best to wait a while after a brand new major release, to allow other people to discover strange new problems with the new system, rather than affecting your own work.

At the time of writing (9 October 2019) Adobe do not advise users of Acrobat DC to upgrade. Please see Why don't my Adobe apps work in macOS Catalina? for updated info from Adobe. We can say for certain that Acrobat 11 (XI) and older versions cannot ever run on Catalina.

For the status of Quite products see below.

Will Quite products work with Acrobat DC?

Quite products up to and including 4.0 cannot be installed in Catalina.

Quite Imposing Plus (plug-in for Adobe Acrobat)

A new version (chargeable upgrade) of Quite Imposing Plus will be needed. Our plans (subject to change) are to release Quite Imposing Plus 5.0 after the completion of a beta trial.

You are invited to join in the beta trial, try Quite Imposing Plus 5.0 here! This new version is also compatible with older versions of Acrobat and macOS.

Quite Hot Imposing (app)

A new version of Quite Hot Imposing will be needed. Our plans (subject to change) are to release Quite Hot Imposing 5.0 after the completion of a beta trial.

To participate in this trial, which is open now, please email sales@quite.com. If you have a current license, please tell us your serial number. Trial licenses for new customers may also be available for the beta trial, please tell us your company details, and whether you are interested in Mac or Windows.