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Quite Imposing Plus 4 Upgrade info

Quite Imposing Plus 4.0 was released on 17 August 2015. As well as support for Acrobat DC there are many new features. You can try or buy today.

What's in the Quite Imposing Plus 4 upgrade?

Quite Imposing Plus 4 is the latest version of the industry’s favourite imposition plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, fully compatible with the new Acrobat DC/XI/X/9. We have listened to our customers and their wish lists, and added features that will let you do more, and work quicker. Upgrading should be pain free, as you can run old and new plug-ins side by side, and Quite Imposing Plus 4 imports all your settings from the old software.

  • Stick on PDF pages – new function. Easily add or remove pages as graphics once or many times.
    • Add one, some or all pages from another PDF on top of current
    • Scale by percentage or to fit space, with or without preserving aspect ratio
    • Free rotate
    • Preview outline shows where page will be placed
    • Choose from recently used files
    • Undo and peel off available
    • Quick file info for page count and sizes

  • Stick on text and numbers – set embedded fonts or colours, allow rotation, show preview of position.
    • Use most fonts (European Latin1 only), embed
    • Preview box shows where text will be added to current page
    • Rotate text by 0/90/180/270
    • Set a colour in RGB or CMYK
    • Undo available, dialog stays on screen so you can undo if needed
    • Redesigned dialog so you can open/close the options you need

  • Insert pages and files – insert pages or files repeatedly at intervals
    • Insert blank pages repeatedly (insert at intervals).
    • Insert file repeatedly, or insert file at intervals. Can be used to merge files, add standard backs, etc.
    • Choose from recently used files
    • Quick file info for page count and sizes
    • Undo available (from Control Panel)

  • Manual imposition – repeat layout for the rest of the document, so you only have to lay out one or two sheets. Smart crop marks.
    • Continue to more sheets (layout one or more sheets, repeat layout to use up entire input and make as many new sheets as needed)
    • Smart crop marks, automatically adjusted if they overlap pages
    • Double sided option, automatically mirror position on back of sheet to place front,back,front,back...
    • Shift+click on Pick Source to quickly pick the current page
    • Shift+click on Choose target to quickly use the same options as last time for target (new or existing document)
    • Redesigned dialog so you can open/close the options you need

  • Adjust page sizes – scale by percentage, get page size report, set pages the same size.
    • Quickly scale pages by a percentage, rather than a target page size
    • Get page size report on current document
    • Set pages all the same size without knowing size in advance (Advanced option)
    • Verify all pages are the same size
    • Resize only pages that are already close to the target size

  • Shuffle pages for imposition – specify range and larger rules; very large documents will shuffle or reverse much faster in many cases
    • Use .. (two dots) in a rule for a range e.g. 1..100 200..101
    • Significant speed up in many cases for large numbers of pages
    • Much larger shuffle rules can be used (allowing automatic generation)
    • Window can be resized to make it easier to work with larger rules

  • Tile pages – choose width and height
    • Option to choose the widths and heights of each tile (all the same or all different) instead of the number of rows and columns. Any overlap is shared over the tiles.

  • Page tools – free rotate
    • Rotate pages by any angle, not just 90/180/270 degrees
    • Use very small angles for micro-adjustment for alignment issues – you can leave page size unchanged in this case

  • Automation sequences – new manager to simplify dealing with large numbers of sequences: rename, duplicate etc., backup, restore, collect, report and fix missing files.
    • Remember last and play back now can use automation sequences with a streamlined interface
    • New Sequence Manager with many productivity gains:
      • Rename or duplicate sequences
      • Use drag and drop to create and arrange sequences
      • Move or copy sequences to other categories
      • Generate reports on sequences for ease of reference
      • Rename, delete or duplicate whole categories
    • Manage files used in sequences (e.g backgrounds)
      • View or save report on files used
      • Change or locate missing files and directories
      • Collect files together for moving to another system, or to clean up
      • Manage files used in backgrounds too
    • Backup and restore sequences
      • Restore from collect, to set up new system
      • Automatic backups at intervals to go back before changes
      • Backup and restore background and page size definitions too

  • Control panel – redesigned, with power user shortcuts
    • New streamlined look
    • Undo option for selected commands including all "stick on" commands
    • Shift+click to quickly repeat command with the last options used
    • "Peel off" button replaces the three separate buttons before, and also adds support for removing the result of Stick On PDF Pages. (Also replaces the separate selections in the menu).

  • And many more new features!
    • Undo feature for selected commands
      • As well as manual imposition, you can undo stick on text and numbers, stick on PDF pages, stick on masking tape and insert pages.
    • Creep
      • Taken from Trim & shift, because it wasn't obvious where it was (still available in Trim & shift).
    • Stick on masking tape
      • Set a colour in RGB or CMYK
      • Undo (remove last applied masking tape)
    • Trim and shift
      • Advanced option to keep bleed margins rather than always remove bleed
    • Remember last / playback
      • Now provide a simple interface to automation sequences
    • Performance enhancements
      • Major speed up for reordering files with many pages including Shuffle Pages, Reverse Pages, Shuffle Even/Odd.
    • Open/close triangles
      • Some dialogs have been redesigned with triangles to click to open/close groups of options
      • Hold down shift to open/close all groups at once.
    • PDF/X support
      • Previously the "preserve PDF/X" option stopped adding text to PDF/X files because fonts were not embedded. Now you can add text, provided you choose an embedded font.
    • Developer/XML creator
      • Insert pages and background definition now supports Path key as alternative to DIPath.
      • Please ask for updated XML specification