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PSAlter's View mode


PSAlter has a powerful and flexible 'workbench' for running and viewing PostScript programs, but this can be daunting for someone who just wants to view a PostScript program.

For this reason, PSAlter has a 'View' mode, designed just to view files, and without the 'bells and whistles' that make the workbench appear complicated. Plus, at any time you can switch between View and Workbench modes.

When PSAlter starts you see the 'Select Mode' screen.
Picture of startup screen

If you choose View, you are immediately presented with a familiar 'Open File' dialog. Then the main PSAlter window will open.

As soon as a page is complete it will be shown.

Picture of view mode screen

Some of the features available in View Mode include:

  • Support for full PostScript level 2.
  • Zoom in to 200%, 400%, 800%, or out to fit the image to the window.
  • Export the converted image in BMP, TIFF, or EPS format.
  • For BMP and TIFF, you can save a cutout of just the part of the page you want.
  • Each page is shown as it completes. Normally, PSAlter will follow each page, but you can choose to move back and forth through completed pages.
  • If a page seems to be taking some time, you can view the incomplete page. You can even choose continual updates and watch the page build.
  • You can pause execution to allow another program to run. PSAlter can share with most programs except time-critical ones like modem communication.
  • Without leaving PSAlter you can view different PostScript files.
  • If you stop the program you can change image model (e.g. from black and white to colour), page size, orientation, resolution and other settings, then run again.

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