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Release notes
PSAlter version 1.6

29 May, 2001

This is the first official release of PSAlter 1.6.

If you are familiar with PSAlter, you should not notice much difference that is the intention, though there have been major changes to make it work in 32-bit mode. (32-bit is the normal mode for Windows systems from Windows 95 onwards.)

The main differences you will see for this version are

  • A new installer, which will default to the program files directory, and install a shortcut on your desktop
  • Like other 32-bit programs, works with long file names
  • Some undocumented features have been removed
  • The TWAIN support has been removed

Please contact feedback@quite.com if you feel you need a feature that has been removed, or do not think that the 16-bit version should be withdrawn. Your vote may count!

New editor features

There are several new features in the workbench editor.
· Tabs can be set at either 8 (default) or 4 character spaces (right click to set editor options).
· An auto-indent mode (on by default) follows the indenting from the previous non-blank line.
· Edit > Select All (shortcut Ctrl+A) is available.

Bug reports

Bug reports are welcome. Please contact help@quite.com if you discover any bugs,or indeed if any bug you previously reported has not been fixed.

No Level 3 support

No decision has yet been made on whether PSAlter will be enhanced to support PostScript languagelevel 3.